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Happy Fifth Birthday, ACA!

The passage of the ACA was a monumental achievement for individuals and organizations across the country. We continue to be incredibly proud of all our state partners who have worked tirelessly to implement the law.

The Advocate's Dilemma

I recently participated in a panel discussion on medication safety issues with a colleague who serves as a patient advocate. We've been on panels together and make a great team—a doctor and a lawyer who are actually on the same side!

Choosing Wisely

Seeing patients at my local health clinic, I recently had a fairly typical day for many doctors.

How much does your doctor get from drug or device companies?

Last week’s release of nationwide information about drug and device manufacturer payments to doctors was the beginning of a new era of sunshine and transparency. The information, which is made public under a provision of the Affordable Care Act, shows...

Pain and Profit

When I retired from my job as associate dean at Brown University Alpert Medical School, I decided to work part-time in community health centers taking care of underserved populations. My first job was in a small city in rural eastern Connecticut.

Who's Watching the Chicken Coop? The FDA's Flawed Drug-Approval Process

I recently attended a conference entitled "What Evidence is Essential for New Medical Products?" held at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C., that probed the vexing dilemma of balancing the duty of the Food and...

Ask your doctor about…

The latest post from our physician consultant on direct to consumer advertising and his experience with two patients who recently asked him to prescribe a weight loss drug.

Use As Advertised Rather Than As Directed?

Who has gone a day without seeing at least one advertisement for drugs or medical devices? These advertisements are part of almost every commercial break during primetime television. It’s big revenue for the stations and a major marketing strategy for...
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