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Senate should restore COBRA and Medicaid subsidies

As we said Tuesday, the House removed provisions for federal Medicaid and COBRA subsidies from H.R. 4213, and the Senate departed for Memorial Day recess without taking action. The subsidies are critical to help hurting states that are struggling with bud

The Insider: Proxy War

LINK FIXED Last week, we likened the low-visibility conflicts over regulatory measures to trench warfare. This week, the military metaphor of choice is proxy war. Republicans in the Senate are using the nomination of Dr. Donald Berwick to head the Centers

As Boomers turn 65, better team-based care becomes a must

When Older Americans Month was established 47 years ago, only 17 million living Americans had reached their 65th birthdays. Today, there are nearly 40 million adults age 65 and older. And when the first baby boomers turn age 65 in 2011 they will become e

Academic detailing and the odds at Agincourt

Today we share a post from Community Catalyst's prescription drug blog, PostScript. _______________ We read with interest Merrill Goozner’s blog, “Putting Academic Detailing in Perspective.” See, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recently dis

America needs better care!

Health reform is law. The hard work of fixing our health system begins now. That's the message of  Campaign for Better Care, a recently-launched effort to improve health care coordination and quality for people across the country. (Here’s the ad (pdf) tha

The Point

While we were encouraging folks to write letters to local newspapers, telling stories about what health care reform means for people they know, we realized each of us here knows someone who would be helped by health reform passing.  Who reminds us that wo

The Health Reform Insider

“Health reform is on life support unfortunately”—Sen. Mary Landrieu “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”—Gertrude in Hamlet “Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated”—Mark Twain A lot of ink has been spilled over repeated pronouncements of those

Fighting the good fight: Two tools to help get reform done

Though health care reform has always been subject to the political tides, the political and legal challenges to reform legislation and its successful passage are rising. As supporters of reform who work with great advocates around the country,  we're risi

All eyes on Massachusetts

In what could be a strange and cruel irony, today’s special election to fill the late Senator Kennedy’s seat may deal a damaging blow to the prospects of passing a the bill that would culminate Kennedy’s life’s work in the Senate.  A surging Republican St
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