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CHIP Is Finally Funded. What Now?

What did Congress leave on the table?

What’s the Hold Up? Congress Must Fully Fund CHIP Now

Despite urgent pleas from governors, providers and families, Congress has yet to deliver long-term funding for this vital program.

CDC Report Highlights Stark Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Infant Mortality

In the first week of the New Year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report on infant mortality, and the news is not good.

Senator-Elect Doug Jones Calls on Senate to Pass CHIP Funding

This blog originally appeared on the Georgetown Center for Children and Families' blog Say Ahhh!, you can view it here. Alabama voters are accustomed to the hot glare of national media attention, but not the warm glow. Doug Jones’ stunning...

Health Coverage is a Lifesaver for Families, Navigators Throw the Lifebuoy

With the federal open enrollment period coming to a close this Friday, December 15, we still don’t know what the next year (or even the next month) will bring for health care, even as we see each and every day what...

New Analysis Shows that Marketplace Plans Continue to Be Better Than Ever for Transgender People

As we near the end of this year’s open enrollment period (the final deadline is December 15th!), we’re happy to report that marketplace plans at continue to be better than ever for transgender people.

Trump Administration Threatens Reproductive Health, Personal Choice and Economic Security Through Birth Control Coverage Mandate Rollback

Two new accommodations threaten the health and financial security of the women, transgender people and nonbinary individuals.

The President’s Addiction Policies: Too Little Good, Too Much Bad and Ugly

The Trump administration has pledged to address addiction nationwide. Now they’re playing their hand and we’re not impressed.

CHIP: One Step Forward, Three Steps Back.

On Friday, CHIP refunding moved forward, ending Halloween week with a trick not a treat.