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Foster Care Children and The Affordable Care Act – New Report From CCF And Community Catalyst

In a new analysis, Georgetown’s Center for Children and Families and Community Catalyst, take a look at key provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that hold the promise of improving the health and well-being of the nation’s foster care children and y

Back to Work… Improving Care for the Dually Eligible

Now that the Supreme Court has unequivocally upheld the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it’s time to get back to our ongoing work of implementing the law. As we’ve said before, the rubber hits the road for the ACA at the state and local levels, and this is esp

This Pride Month, LGBT health advocates are celebrating the ACA

This post is a guest blog from our partners at Raising Women's Voices for the Health Care We Need. “The Affordable Care Act may represent the strongest foundation we have ever created to begin closing LGBT health disparities.” That’s how U.S. Secretary of

Takeaways from “The Dual Agenda: Better Care at a Lower Cost?”

On June 1st, with the generous support of The Atlantic Philanthropies, The John A. Hartford Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Community Catalyst brought together advocates, providers, policymakers, funders, and technical experts to discus

Anti-fraud efforts by Attorneys-General and the Department of Justice are reaping billions more than expected

The Affordable Care Act created some desperately needed means to start controlling ever-rising health care costs. Many -- like preventive care or delivery reforms -- will take some time to realize savings. In contrast, new anti-fraud efforts look to be pa

Basic Health Program: This Wallflower is About to Bloom

The Basic Health Program isn’t the most flashy or popular provision in the Affordable Care Act. But anyone who’s watched a classic – or even a less-than-classic - teen romantic comedy knows that the shy, somewhat awkward wallflowers often have tremendous

Treating Kids Pays

Last week the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) made headlines with the announcement of a proposed rule that would increase payment rates for primary care physicians serving Medicaid patients. The rule would bring Medicaid primary care service

States of Innovation 4

Medical Homes: Local Focus, Better Health As policymakers across the country look to balance their budgets, some are turning to Medicaid, recycling the same harmful policies they’ve used year-after-year: eliminating coverage for vulnerable Americans, res

I Love MamaCare!

This is a guest post from Raising Women’s Voices. This weekend not only marks a time where we will be celebrating Moms, but it marks the launch of a campaign celebrating everything the Affordable Care Act does for the health of mothers and children, “I Lo