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Cross Post: Consumer Assistance: A Guided Tour to Your New Health Care Choices

Everyone has heard about some aspect of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), however many people are still confused about the new law. At Community Catalyst, we think Consumer Assistance Programs (CAPs) are vital to ensuring people understand what the changing

Are we speaking the same language? The problem with medical jargon

Today, many families are struggling not only with the cost of and access to health care, but also with the quality of care they receive. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “Taking Medical Jargon Out of Doctor Visits”, articulates an incredibly i

Cross Post: A deeper look at health reform's individual responsibility requirement

Community Catalyst recently worked with our partner, Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families, to create a document answering prevalent questions about how the new mandate for insurance coverage will affect families. Here’s an excerpt from

Consumer Assistance: What makes health reform go

It’s no secret that the passage of the Affordable Care Act means lots of new opportunities for health care coverage and access – and that most Americans are confused about what the law actually means for them.  Here at Community Catalyst, we have seen hea

Websites like wine: good now, getting better

The web portal (@healthcaregov for all you twitterheads out there) went live, launching ahead of its July 1 deadline by hours Wednesday night. HHS deserves props for this site: not only was it delivered ahead of schedule, but it’s spiffy-lo

"Show me" gender equity!

Missouri is trying to remain true to its slogan, the "Show Me State," by helping lead the charge in anti-health reform legislation prohibiting abortion services for health insurance obtained through the exchange – (the term used for the health care insura

East Room Promises

I was invited to attend an event at the White House yesterday to commemorate the 90th day since President Obama signed health care reform into law, and it was a powerful event that underscored how much the law matters to American families. Following a pri

The Insider: All this could be yours someday

Fuzzy logic As the “tax extenders” bill makes its way through the Senate, a provision to extend COBRA premium subsidies for the unemployed is in jeopardy. Opponents in the Senate and the Blue Dogs in the House who stripped the provision from legislation t

Cross-coast Post: Real Choices

From our friends over at the Health Access Blog comes a great post about a California bill, SB890, that would implement many of the consumer protection pieces of national health reform early, like setting up strong medical loss ratios, so that insurers sp