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UPDATE: You put the right bill in, you get the right vote out

(Please see corrected link below) It’s not about the process With the summit behind us, the press has returned to obsessing about (and misconstruing) the process by which health reform might move forward. So a few important clarifications are in order. Fi

Insider Update: Summing up the Summit

After seven hours of debate, parties agree to disagree on whether they are close to agreement As expected, no new consensus emerged yesterday from the seven plus hours of debate between top Congressional Democrats and Republicans and the President about w

State business, health care, labor and faith leaders call on Massachusetts delegation to pass national health care reform

A diverse group of leaders joined together in the Massachusetts State House today to deliver one message to the state’s delegation: National health care reform is anything but a raw deal for Massachusetts. The 16 speakers representing faith groups, advoca

Smokeout at Blair House (but will they serve BBQ?)

More Summit Surprises After surprising the political establishment by announcing a bipartisan health reform summit, the Obama administration continued to shape the debate with another surprise announcement late last week: In the summit invite, the adminis

What we talk about when we talk about Massachusetts

As we’ve said here before, the Senate special election in Massachusetts was a lot of things. One can probably find a hundred different explanations for why Scott Brown won in a hundred different bars on a given five o’clock (though we’re not advocating th

The Point

While we were encouraging folks to write letters to local newspapers, telling stories about what health care reform means for people they know, we realized each of us here knows someone who would be helped by health reform passing.  Who reminds us that wo

Health Care Surprise (but keep your eye on the prize)

Yesterday, in a surprise move to many (though apparently not to Majority Leader Reid or Speaker Pelosi, who immediately issued statements of support) President Obama invited Congressional leaders from both parties to a televised half-day health care refor

The Health Reform Insider

“Health reform is on life support unfortunately”—Sen. Mary Landrieu “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”—Gertrude in Hamlet “Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated”—Mark Twain A lot of ink has been spilled over repeated pronouncements of those

Fighting the good fight: Two tools to help get reform done

Though health care reform has always been subject to the political tides, the political and legal challenges to reform legislation and its successful passage are rising. As supporters of reform who work with great advocates around the country,  we're risi
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