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Insider Baseball: The Curse of the Bambino?

In Massachusetts, baseball and politics are both blood sports. On Tuesday, as the election results came in on who would fill the seat of the late Senator Kennedy, Red Sox fans who are also health reformers got that old unpleasant feeling they had back to

All eyes on Massachusetts

In what could be a strange and cruel irony, today’s special election to fill the late Senator Kennedy’s seat may deal a damaging blow to the prospects of passing a the bill that would culminate Kennedy’s life’s work in the Senate.  A surging Republican St


Exchanges are getting major play on the Hill and in the blogs this week, where the fight seems to be: Federal (as the House and White House propose), or State (as the Senate bill does)? While that’s certainly a question, we argue that perhaps that’s not t

Community Catalyst joins hundreds at Affordability Summit in DC

Maybe you were there? If not, see who was at PICO's flickr page and get the details right here. --Kate Petersen, Health Policy Hub

Health Reform and the Education of David Stockman

You have to be of a certain age to remember David Stockman (fame being fleeting and all).  Back in 1980, Stockman was a young conservative Congressman from Michigan, a true believer in supply side economics, who became Ronald Reagan’s first OMB Director. 

750 leaders call on Congress, President to make health reform affordable

Health care reform needs to be more affordable for low- and middle-income Americans. That's the message being sent today to Congress and President Obama by more than 750 local, state and national leaders including Community Catalyst. Read the letter here.

Of Doughnuts and Dragons: The Health Reform Insider

Though a series of critical votes happened in the last month, not to mention the holidays, the issues that define negotiations between the House and Senate remain largely the same (check out our list if you need a refresher). Here’s an update on a few of

$900 Billion is $900 Billion--or is it?

In his speech on September 9th, President Obama surprised listeners by declaring that health reform would not cost more than $900 billion. The President also committed to ensuring that the reform was fully paid for and would not add to the deficit. Prior

The dam breaks, PLUS the votes are in! The Insider's Naughty and Nice pol(e)

By reaching a compromise with Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) (we'll talk about how below), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has cleared the last major obstacle to historic passage of health reform in the U.S. Senate. If all goes according to plan, the Senate wil
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