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Coming Together for Health and Justice in the City of ‘Brotherly Love’

As part of our Partnering for Community Health project, we are building relationships and finding opportunities to support women in reentry as they navigate access to health care coverage.

Community Health Workers Provide an Important Service - Now Let’s Get Them Sustainable Funding!

Recently, a woman came to the Hispanic Health Council (HCC) seeking help with housing. It was only during the visit that Maria, a Community Health Worker (CHW) who works with pregnant and postpartum women at HHC, learned that the woman...

We Must Continue to Act to Address Gun Violence and Its Impact on Kids

Once again, our children have been confronted with another horrific, deadly school shooting.

Rule Threatens Coverage of Critical Women’s Health Services

Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA), only 12 percent of individual health insurance plans covered maternity care.

Anti-immigrant policies are hurting children’s oral health

We should all be able to care for our children’s oral health regardless of our immigration status. But today, U.S. immigration policies are blocking many immigrant families from getting their children needed dental care.

Census Citizenship Question Jeopardizes Access to Critical Health Services for Immigrants and People of Color

Every ten years, the federal government fulfills its constitutional mandate to take an accurate count of how many people live in our country. Last week, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross approved the Justice Department’s last-minute request to include a citizenship...

Black Maternal Health Week Highlights Racial Disparities

When tennis star Serena Williams recently revealed her near-death experience following the birth of her daughter, she called new attention to an alarming and persistent health disparity.

Medicaid Protects America's Children

This blog is part of our Medicaid Awareness Month series, in which we highlight the ways that Medicaid supports the health of vulnerable populations. Guest bloggers for the series are state advocates.

Honoring Women’s History in the Fight for Health Care

“The personal is political” was the unofficial slogan of the women’s liberation movement in the 1960s and 1970s.
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