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Health Homes: Creating a Stronger Medicaid Program While Reducing Costs

Arizona’s decision to eliminate coverage for some heart, liver, lung, pancreas and bone marrow transplants has received a lot of attention because of its immediate life-and-death implications: potentially denying organs to 100 adults currently on the tran

Stuck in the Middle with You

A few weeks ago, Time magazine included a short essay that caught the eye of several of us here at Community Catalyst. In “The Coping Conundrum,” author Nancy Gibbs gently, but insistently, spotlights the unique issues faced by Americans in the sandwich g

The Future of Health Care

How are we going to change the cost curve in health care and provide the highest quality of care? Dr. Bob Master – one of the country’s leading health care visionaries - has a great answer. Six years ago, Bob came to Community Catalyst as a fellow of the

Insurance-palooza - the NAIC National Meeting in Seattle

The Summer 2010 Meeting of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in Seattle Washington wrapped up last week. For those of us not lucky enough to spend a long summer weekend with a group of insurance commissioners, some friends of Comm

Are we speaking the same language? The problem with medical jargon

Today, many families are struggling not only with the cost of and access to health care, but also with the quality of care they receive. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “Taking Medical Jargon Out of Doctor Visits”, articulates an incredibly i

Case study shows community health workers improve primary care and enrollment

Policy changes in two states to expand and strengthen the workforce of community health workers provide a model for other states as they implement the Affordable Care Act, says a new case study, "Community Health Workers: Part of the Solution," in the Jul

"Show me" gender equity!

Missouri is trying to remain true to its slogan, the "Show Me State," by helping lead the charge in anti-health reform legislation prohibiting abortion services for health insurance obtained through the exchange – (the term used for the health care insura

The Insider: All this could be yours someday

Fuzzy logic As the “tax extenders” bill makes its way through the Senate, a provision to extend COBRA premium subsidies for the unemployed is in jeopardy. Opponents in the Senate and the Blue Dogs in the House who stripped the provision from legislation t

The Insider: A broken record

Health Care Reform = Rationing has been a favorite theme of opponents throughout the debate.  While the circumstances and details change over time, this theme remains constant.  In the past week, opponents have stepped up their attacks on the nomination o
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