Breast Cancer Action Opposes FDA Raloxifene approval

PAL member Breast Cancer Action issued the following statement yesterday. This raises some important issues -- about the use of prescription drugs to prevent cancer, about the environmental vs. individual factors in disease, and about how to deal with se

More Federal and State Judges Reject FDA Preemption Arguments

According to an increasing number of judges, the FDA should stick to regulating drugs for efficacy and safety and let the courts decide the scope of their own authority. A series of recent federal and state court opinions have rejected arguments that the

Bristol Myers Squibb settles AWP lawsuit

Bristol Myers Squibb (NYSE:BMY) is the latest defendant to reach a settlement with plaintiffs in the massive Average Wholesale Price litigation (In re Pharmaceutical Average Wholesale Price Litigation, before Judge Patti Saris of the U.S. District Court

PAL member Public Patent Foundation challenges Gilead HIV/AIDS drug patents

The Public Patent Foundation ("PubPat") is a member of the PAL Coalition. PUBPAT is a not-for-profit legal services organization that represents the public's interests against the harms caused by the patent system, particularly the harms caused by unde

Premarin Class Action Settlement

Consumers and third party payors in California who paid for Premarin, used to relieve the symptoms associated with menopause and to prevent osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, may be eligible to receive payments from a $5.2 million settlement fund. Fo

YouTube video on Paxil Pediatric settlement

Our friends at Public Citizen recently posted this YouTube video on the Paxil Pediatric settlement, and the upcoming deadline for parents or guardians of children who took Paxil to file claims to receive refunds from this $63.8 million settlement fund. (S

Breast Cancer Action Says Two New Drug Pricing Studies Miss the Mark

This just in from Breast Cancer Action, a member of Prescription Access Litigation's coalition of 130+ consumer advocacy organizations. The pricing of cancer drugs is one of the most troubling trends in the world of prescription drugs. This press releas

Judge Allows Zyprexa Class Action to Go Forward, Says Courts are “in the Strongest Position” to Protect Public from Fraudulent Drug Marketing

Federal Judge Allows Zyprexa Class Action to Go Forward Says Courts are “in the Strongest Position” to Protect Public from Fraudulent Drug Marketing BROOKLYN, NY – A U.S. District Court judge today issued a decision allowing to go forward a class action l

Deadline Approaching for Paxil Pediatric Settlement

Back in February, PAL and Public Citizen filed an objection to a $63.8 Million class action settlement in Illinois state court in a case alleging that GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Paxil, knew the drug was dangerous and ineffective when taken by children
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