Got a question about the pharmaceutical industry? Ask Pharmie!

Frequent readers of this blog are familiar with "Pharmie" (above), your guide to all things pharmaceutical. "Ask Pharmie" started as a feature in PAL's newsletter, which was printed approximately quarterly until the end of 2006. (Archive issues are here.

Publix's "free antibiotics" and other discount drug schemes

The Southern supermarket chain Publix announced today that it will be offering seven common prescription antibiotics for free in its stores, located in Flora, George, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. The move was reported in an AP story and in the

AMA sells your Doctor's info to Big Pharma

An excellent op-ed ran this week in the San Francisco Chronicle, "Prescription mining raises millions for doctors' group." It highlights the American Medical Association's sale of physician profiles and data to drug companies, to help those drug companie

"Liquiplox" - New song parodies drug advertising

From New Rap Song Takes Aim at Pharmaceuticals A new song called Pillagers by New Jersey rappers Sudden Death pokes fun at the pharmaceutical industry. The song spoofs the constant barrage of advertisements for new drugs and c

GSK's alli sales "exceed expectations" - $155m in five weeks

GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK) released its second quarter earnings statement on July 25, 2007. They reported that sales of over-the-counter alli hit $155 million since the drug's launch of June 14. This means that sales of alli have already exceeeded the $

New Zealand official lambasts AstraZeneca for patent shenanigans

Today, Pharmalot has an item about a dispute between AstraZeneca and Pharmac, New Zealand's drug buying agency, over a cardiovascular drug called Betaloc. Pharmac medical director Peter Moodie had this to say about AstraZeneca's patent tactics -- a quota

Zelnorm: A Case Study in why drug advertising is a bad idea

Zelnorm, a drug that was approved in 2002 for short-term treatment of women with "irritable bowel syndrome" and in 2004 for chronic constipation for men and women under age 65, was withdrawn from the market in March 2007 after studies showed an increased

Top 3 Bestselling Drugs spent $460.5 Million on Ads in 2006

In the wake of the drug safety scandals of the past few years (Vioxx, Celebrex, Paxil, etc), there were widespread predictions that Direct-to-Consumer Advertising (DTCA) of prescription drugs (TV commercials, magazine ads, etc) would become less prevalent

Editorial by PAL Member: "Universal health care is a moral necessity"

One of our goals here at the Prescription Access Litigation Blog is to highlight the good work being done by members of PAL's coalition of 130+ organizations. Below is an July 22 editorial from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, written by Shirlee Zane, CEO
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