Doctors: Big Pharma is watching you!

It's amazing how few doctors are aware -- and how shocked they are to learn - that pharmaceutical companies routinely purchase their prescribing data from pharmacies. So that attractive detailer walking into the Doctor's office knows exactly how many pre

Fines for Deceptive Drug Ads?

The Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) reauthorization, passed last week by the Senate (but not yet by the House of Representatives) contained a wide variety of sections unrelated to FDA User Fees. One of these, section 519 would permit the FDA to im

Clarification about this blog...

Thanks to the various blogs (BrandWeekNrx, PharmaGossip, PharmaLot, PharmaBlogosphere, and others) that reported on this blog's inaugural posts. To clarify, the name of the blog is not "Ask Pharmie." Ask Pharmie is a feature that will appear from time t

Reverse payments in the news... FTC & BMS

FTC Commissioner Supports Bill Banning Reverse Payments PAL and 20 other organizations recently sent letters to the members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, supporting HR 1092, the “Protecting Consumer Access to Generic Drugs Act of 2007." FDA

Introducing "Ask Pharmie"

"Ask Pharmie" started as a feature in PAL's newsletter, which was printed approximately quarterly until the end of 2006. (Archive issues are here.) We've now shifted from a printed newsletter to this exclusively online publications (including this blog)

Drug samples as marketing - and counter-marketing

The New York Times ran a story on Wednesday about the pros and cons of doctors distributing prescription drug samples. The article cites the critique (with which we here at PAL are in agreement) that samples are a form of marketing, intended to get physi

Do government fraud settlements deter illegal pharma behavior?

Two new stories that came out today call the question of what effect US Attorney settlements have on illegal promotional activities by pharmaceutical companies. The first story, from AP, "Drug Firms Flout FDA," suggested that "Even when drug makers are

Welcome to the PAL Blog!

This blog will feature updates on activities of Prescription Access Litigation (PAL) and its members, including class action lawsuits, amicus curiae (Friend of the Court") briefs, regulatory and legislative testimony and public education campaigns. We wil

Copy of A "Bridge" Plan to Where? CMS Grants Unprecedented Restrictions to Utah's Voter-Approved Medicaid Expansion

Today, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved a proposal from Utah that imposes harmful and unprecedented restrictions on the Medicaid expansion program that Utah voters approved last November.
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