The Verdict Is In: Arkansas Works Isn’t Working

A new report officially confirms all suspicions about whether Medicaid work requirements lead to coverage losses. Recently, the state of Arkansas, which began implementing its work requirement program, Arkansas Works, in June, reported that almost 7,500 individuals didn’t comply with...

Ready, Set, Learn: Ensuring Children Are School Ready

Children do not leave their health care needs at the school’s front door: those health care needs and children’s access to services impact their educational outcomes and long-term health.

Director's Corner: We’ve Got Your Back on Your 53rd Birthday, Medicare & Medicaid!

Medicare and Medicaid are turning 53 at the end of this month. Their importance to the health of the nation is hard to overstate: together, they provide coverage to one in three people in the United States, including many with...

Winning Strategies: Organizing Consumers for Delivery Reform

If health care advocacy were a sport, there’d be no question about our defensive strategy. Much of our collective efforts over the last few years have centered around defeating threats to Medicaid and Medicare, and protecting the Affordable Care Act....

Pride Month Profile: An Advocate’s Vision of Intersectional LGBTQ Health Advocacy

This LGBTQ Pride Month, we sat down with Naushaba Patel from the Lesbian Health Initiative (LHI) of Houston to talk about what pride means and Naushaba’s vision for LGBTQ-empowering health programs.

As Fatherhood Changes, So Must Pediatrics

Pediatric offices traditionally focused on women as primary caregivers must adjust their approach to support men as more involved and active parents.

Coming Together for Health and Justice in the City of ‘Brotherly Love’

As part of our Partnering for Community Health project, we are building relationships and finding opportunities to support women in reentry as they navigate access to health care coverage.

Director's Corner: The Importance of Housing to Health, And What We’re Doing About It

The video features the work of Center partner the Pennsylvania Health Action Network (PHAN) in building a Housing as Health coalition in Pennsylvania along with other advocacy groups and housing organizations like Project HOME in Philadelphia.

Taking a Page from Maine’s Medicaid Playbook

The smart and consistent strategies employed by Maine advocates helped secure health care gains for thousands.