Protecting the Affordable Care Act this LGBTQ Pride Season

Another year means another LGBTQ Pride season, and another reason to celebrate significant gains in LGBTQ health thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Oral Health: How the Dental System Fails to Deliver

If you arrived at an emergency room or urgent care clinic with a painful infection of your finger that is causing you to miss work and otherwise interfere with daily living – would they give you pain relievers and send you on your way?

How Structural Racism Fuels the Response to the Opioid Crisis

Today’s overdose problem is not the first time our country has faced a devastating drug crisis.

When Health Policy Advocacy Doesn’t See Color, It Doesn’t See Me

his blog is part of a series that will highlight how structural racism in the health care system negatively affects the health of individuals of color.

Eldercare Voices: Raising Family Caregivers’ Voices in Older Americans Month and Beyond

On this last day of Older Americans Month 2017, organized by the Administration on Community Living with the theme “Age Out Loud,” we are honored to highlight the year-round contributions of family caregivers. Sharon Hall I never intended to be a family...

The Takeaway: Masters of Misdirection

In the wake of both developments last week, we were treated to so many breathtaking whoppers that it is hard to know where to begin. If there were an award for double-speak, there would be a rich candidate pool from which to draw.

Rolling Back Progress: Medicaid Cuts Would Deny Children of Color Access to Care

The AHCA, as passed by the House of Representatives and sent on to the Senate, would reverse the progress on children’s coverage that has been made through the ACA.

#Aging Out Loud…From Generation to Generation

During this Older Americans Month, we want to pay tribute to a leader with whom many Health Policy Hub readers may not be familiar: Nelson Cruikshank.

Trump Budget Attacks Low-Income Communities, State Budgets, Children

Despite his repeated promises on the campaign trail that he would not cut Medicaid, President Trump’s FY 2018 budget would slash the program’s budget nearly in half over the next decade. The budget assumes the $839 billion in Medicaid cuts...