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Nonprofit alleges legal violations as medical debt lawsuits continue unabated during pandemic | New Mexico Political Report

Medical debt experts at Community Catalyst discuss the impact of unpaid medical bills on a person's ability to access care.

How the spread of Catholic-owned healthcare facilities may complicate access to reproductive care | Healthcare Dive

Lois Uttley, Senior Advisor for our Hospital Equity and Accountability Project, talks to Healthcare Dive about catholic healthcare facilities and their impact on communities.

Medical Debt Is Being Wiped Off Credit Reports. What That Means for You | Wall Street Journal

Mark Rukavina, Program Director for our Community Benefit & Economic Stability Project, talked to the Wall Street Journal about new rules surrounding medical debt reporting on credit scores.

Medical Bills Can Shatter Lives. North Carolina May Act to ‘De-Weaponize’ That Debt | Kaiser Health News

Community Catalyst Mark Rukavina & Quynh Chi Nguyen, talk to Kasier Health News about how medical debt people's economic wellbeing.

Syracuse residents will have almost no voice in proposed Upstate-Crouse hospital merger |

Lois Uttley, Senior Advisor for Community Catalyst's Hospital Equity and Accountability Project, talks to about how New York's Certificate of Need process for reviewing hospital mergers is not transparent or community-friendly.

Community Vaccine Clinic | Patch — Woburn, MA

Patch takes a look at the work of Community Catalyst's Vaccine Equity and Access Program.

Tennessee court pilots new ODR platform to mediate medical debt disputes | ABA Journal

Mark Rukavina and Quynh Chi Nguyen, medical debt experts at Community Catalyst, quoted in this ABA Journal article.

It's Not Just Student Loans. Americans Are Drowning in Medical Debt. Biden Must Help | Newsweek

In this Newsweek opinion piece, Community Catalyst Executive Director Emily Stewart urges administration action on the crisis in medical debt, citing inequities in debt burden on people of color, those in poor health, and people living with disabilities.

Can we close the retirement security gaps in America? | Market Watch

Community Catalyst Executive Director Emily Stewart talks to Market Watch about medical debt implications.

Assemblymember Simon's Hospital Closure Bill, Named After LICH, Passes The Assembly | Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Lois Uttley, senior advisor for Community Catalyst's Hospital Equity and Accountability Project, talks to Brookly Daily Eagle.

Study: Providers tend to neglect care preferences of seniors who are people of color, poorer | McKnights Home Care

Newly released study by the Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation at Community Catalyst finds one-third of adults 50 and older reported clinicians rarely took their care preferences into account.

Can't Afford the Dentist? Try a Dental Therapist | Health Day

Tera Bianchi, Director of the Dental Access Project at Community Catalyst, talks to Health Day about the importance of dental therapists.

MacKenzie Scott gave $3.9 billion to nonprofits in the last nine months | Boston Globe

MacKenzie Scott donated almost $3.9 billion since June to 465 organizations, including Community Catalyst.

MacKenzie Scott announces nearly $4 billion in donations | ABC News

Billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott revealed that she has donated nearly $4 billion to 465 nonprofits, including Community Catalyst

MacKenzie Scott announces nearly $4 billion in donations | Yahoo News

MacKenzie Scott makes a generous donation to Community Catalyst.