ACA Anniversary: Moving forward ... protecting our care

Dear Partners,

As the March 23 anniversary of the Affordable Care Act approaches, advocates across the country are planning activities to celebrate the passage of the historic law.

To help support these efforts and amplify them for national impact, Community Catalyst is working with national partners to provide opportunities for coordinated anniversary activities, and to umbrella efforts across the country under the tagline "Moving forward ... protecting our care." We encourage you to use this tagline in your communications and in materials leading up to the anniversary.

With the goal of increasing overall support for the law and making it tangible by telling the stories of real people, we will be releasing materials we believe will complement the activities you have already planned, and will try to coordinate as much as possible as additional plans are made.

The national groups' efforts will focus on different messages during the week of the anniversary:

Monday, March 21: Seniors
Tuesday, March 22
: Small businesses and jobs
Wednesday, March 23: Consumer protections, insurance reforms (Patient's Bill of Rights)
Thursday, March 24: Women
Friday, March 25: Young people (children and young adults)

Resources to Come

The groups will create fact sheets, talking points and other materials focusing on these groups and we will make them available to you as soon as they are finalized so you can weave them into your own efforts.

In addition, we will soon distribute an updated and expanded version of our communications and public education plan containing ideas and templates you can use to help with proactive outreach and responses to media stories - positive or negative - about the ACA. We believe local efforts by trusted sources are important to building support for the law.

New Messaging Resources

Herndon Alliance has released two new documents with messaging related to Exchanges and Coordinated Patient Care.

We appreciate your efforts to engage your communities in celebrating the historic health care law, the many protections it offers individuals and families, and the improvements it is making to our health care system.

Thank you for your continued advocacy,

Community Catalyst Implementation Team

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