Alert: Conflict of Interest in Exchanges - new resources

Dear Partners,

While Exchanges have the potential to help consumers navigate the marketplace and give them transparent information and real choices, the devil is in the details. And we know that in some states, in spite of your best efforts, the strength of special interests is holding sway.

To help in your outreach to the public, policymakers and the media, we have developed the following resources:

  • Template Op-Ed - This op-ed shows what's at stake in the decisions about accountability and conflicts of interest in an Exchange. It talks in an accessible way about the better decisions the legislature can make. Use the template to highlight the important decisions your state must make to protect consumers.
  • Basic "message box" - Use this as a starting point to build messages for your key audiences to help them understand and engage on conflicts of interest in the Exchange.
  • Building a Health Insurance Exchange: Important Issues for Consumers - This presentation outlines the basics about Exchanges in accessible language, as well as the key issues for consumers. Use this in outreach with your network or in meetings with policymakers.
  • Exchanges: Top Ten Priorities for Consumer Advocates - This list of priorities begins to answer some of the outstanding questions to help state advocates build strong Exchanges that help consumers access quality, affordable health insurance.
  • From Herndon Alliance - Exchanges Messaging -This includes big picture information as well as talking points to help engage your communities around Exchanges.  

As states continue to move forward in creating Exchanges, we will provide you with resources and material to ensure that consumers are well-represented and considered as Exchange decisions are made.

Thank you for your continued advocacy,

The Community Catalyst Implementation Team

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