Clock Winding Down on Open Enrollment Three

Dear Partners,

We know that you’ve been putting your nose to the grindstones over the last three months working hard to connect consumers to quality, affordable health care during this third open enrollment period.

Though we’ve already seen tremendous amounts of people re-enrolling or accessing coverage for the first time, we know you’re gearing up for the last big push toward the Jan. 31 deadline and we wanted to pass along some materials we hope will help you reach those last remaining consumers and help them #GetCovered!

On the communications front, we’ve partnered with Spitfire Strategies to provide you with:

 On the policy side, we wanted to share a couple resources, including:

And finally, we wanted to highlight a creative approach by our friends at the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, a rap video titled “The Dumbest Word Is Uninsured.”

Peace out!

The Community Catalyst Outreach, Education and Enrollment Team

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