Comedy Central + Health Insurance = Enrolling in Laughter!

Dear Partners,

It’s hard to believe there are only 30 days left until the end of open enrollment!  As we all get ready to double down before February 15, we wanted to provide some new, creative resources to help promote the Marketplaces low-cost plans and the availability of in-person assisters.

New and Updated Resources

Created by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is a helpful, accessible website for consumers to learn how the Affordable Care Act programs benefit them. The site provides consumers with information on the Affordable Care Act, tools to calculate their eligibility for financial help and links to enroll in coverage. Recently new resources were added to the site’s special section for partners, including digital and print advertising content available in English and Spanish.

Video Partnership with Comedy Central

The campaign also aired two new videos on Comedy Central’s television channel and website. These short, sharable videos take a humorous look at the cost of not having health insurance by showing how coverage can help consumers save money by paying for the costs of unexpected accidents. Overall, this cutting-edge campaign is designed to resonate with consumers in fun and innovative ways, as well as reach consumers on multiple platforms and in multiple languages.

In this final stretch to the end of open enrollment, the enrollment community is welcome to use this trove of digital content and resources that are ready to plug into your outreach and enrollment campaigns! If you have any questions or feedback, please contact me at

Thank you for your continued advocacy,

Rachelle Rubinow

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