Connecting Consumers to Coverage Gap Campaigns

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In 22 states, many consumers who seek enrollment assistance will fall into the coverage gap. It can be one of the most frustrating aspects of assisting consumers with enrollment – to find out that assistance isn’t possible because no affordable coverage option is available to them.

While enrollers may want to take steps to assist consumers falling into the gap, by capturing their story or referring them to advocacy groups, they are limited in the types of assistance they can provide. However, there are ways to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

To better connect consumers to Close the Gap campaigns, we wanted to share some resources:

  • Policy Guidance for Enrollment Assisters – this fact sheet provides an overview of how enrollment assisters can refer consumers to coverage gap campaigns while also complying with their required duties, including how to use and disclose personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Script for Enrollment Assisters working with Consumers in the Coverage Gap – talking points and questions that enrollment assisters can use to engage consumers in dialogue about the coverage gap and inform them about ways to participate in efforts to close the gap
  • Examples from States – sample consent forms and outreach materials used by advocacy organizations and campaigns working to close the coverage gap.

Also, we previously released two one-pagers – one for consumers who fall into the gap and one for anyone who remains uninsured – that have detailed information about hospital financial assistance and have template sections for advocates to plug in immediate free- and low-cost care options.

By informing consumers about coverage gap campaigns and giving them opportunities to tell their stories, enrollment assisters can play an important role in lifting the consumer voice.

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The Community Catalyst Close the Gap Team

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