Looking Ahead to 2017: New Resources on Essential Health Benefits

Dear Partners,

The time to influence the future of the Essential Health Benefits (EHB) benchmark in your state is now! In the coming months states will be selecting a new benchmark for 2017 plans from 2014 plans, supplementing as needed to ensure all EHB categories are met. It is important for advocates to reflect on where state EHBs fell short and where supplementing is an important tool in creating robust state EHB benchmarks. Additionally, EHB benchmark selection is an opportune time to either reengage with your state Department of Insurance (DOI) or perhaps build a new relationship with this key stakeholder.

The following tools are designed to help advocates begin to elevate the EHB selection opportunity to their coalitions and to key state stakeholders:

  • Working With Your DOI – Tips for Advocates – Use this issue brief for a basic overview of the role of a DOI, as well as a guide for engaging with and coordinating consumer-focused health insurance work with your DOI.
  • EHB Talking Points – Use these talking points to help prepare for conversations with key stakeholders and coalition partners.
  • Principles for Essential Health Benefits – Use this set of principles to educate your coalition and guide your advocacy for an EHB benchmark that meets consumers’ needs in your state.
  • Template Letter to DOI – Use this template to submit a request to your Department of Insurance and/or other important decision makers in your state for an active, transparent EHB benchmark selection process that includes consumer feedback and participation.

If you have any questions or need any additional resources, please contact Ashley Blackburn at ablackburn@communitycatalyst.org.

Thank you for your continued advocacy,

Community Catalyst Private Insurance Team

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