New Resources to Defend State Medicaid Programs

Dear Partners:             

Over the last few months, we know many of you have been working with your coalition partners to fight back against proposed cuts to your state Medicaid programs. Proposed cuts include rolling back income eligibility levels for pregnant people, reducing the scope of breast and cervical cancer treatment programs, adding out-of-pocket requirements, eliminating or capping benefits such as hospital visits, dismantling prescription coverage and denying adults on Medicaid dental care. We know that these counterproductive cuts threaten the health and economic security of millions of low-income families and individuals across the country. We also know that other strategies are much more effective at reducing budget deficits.

Because many of you are developing and implementing strategies to defend your state's Medicaid programs, we wanted to provide you with a collection of tools and resources to help you effectively respond. Included in our Medicaid Defense tool kit, please find:          

  • A document outlining key messages to use when talking about the importance of Medicaid as well as how to respond to common attacks levied by critics.                                                     
  • Both a customizable and sample fact sheet with social media posts written by Spitfire Strategies to help you explain how these proposed cuts harm consumers and have unintended consequences on state budgets.      
  • A policy brief summarizing the evidence that four commonly proposed Medicaid cuts are not only bad for the health of vulnerable consumers, but may lead to higher costs in other areas of the state budgets.                                                     
  • We’ve also included a few examples of materials that advocates from specific states have prepared to address targeted cuts:

If you have any questions or need any additional resources, please contact Jack Cardinal at

Thank you for your continued advocacy,              

Community Catalyst Implementation Team

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