Passing Mile 13 in the OE3 Marathon!

Dear partners,

Hard to believe that open enrollment three is halfway over! The good news is that through the hard work of you and your partners, over two million people have already enrolled, or re-enrolled in affordable health care coverage.

Of that group over 700,000 thousand are new enrollees, meaning your efforts to reach the remaining uninsured, who are often part of hard-to-reach populations, is working!

As you grab your second wind and head for the Jan. 31 finish line, we wanted to provide you some updated tools to help you in your advocacy work, including:

  • New fact sheets, one for assisters to use with consumers and one for consumers themselves that can allow individuals to roughly estimate the potential fee they’d face if they opt not to purchase insurance this year or next.

Thank you so much for your continued work in connecting millions of people to affordable coverage.

The Community Catalyst Outreach and Enrollment Team

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