State Innovation Models: New Community Catalyst Resource Summarizing State Initiatives

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Community Catalyst has produced a summary and analysis of the first round of State Innovation Model test grants, which are funded by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI). The summary is intended to help state and local advocates and consumers identify opportunities to bring a consumer voice to the planning of these major projects and impact how they are implemented. This resource provides a brief description of each state plan; the themes of different plans; and a summary of initiatives that are common across multiple states.

SIM grants are one of many CMMI demonstration programs intended to make the health care system more value-based. SIM grants allow state governments to implement plans aimed at transforming their health care delivery and payment systems, particularly in Medicaid. SIM initiatives are intended to achieve the “triple aim” of improving care quality, reducing total per capita health care costs and improving the health outcomes for populations. The plans also include improvements in the health professional workforce and health information technology (HIT) infrastructures.

We hope this resource is helpful in your efforts to improve value in health care. If you have any questions or feedback on this material, please contact Marcia Hams at  

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