Thankful for Coverage - OE5 Resources

Dear Partners,

With Thanksgiving this week, we at Community Catalyst thank you again for your tireless work to promote open enrollment – ensuring many access coverage for the first time in their lives! 

We know that open enrollment has had some challenges, but your efforts to reach out, educate and enroll consumers in the Affordable Care Act have led to a great start of the open enrollment period – with just under 1.5 million selecting a plan in the first 12 days alone! Millions Americans will likely count affordable health care among their blessings this Thanksgiving.

Whether your Thanksgiving includes food, family, friends, football, shopping, or something else entirely, current events sometimes make an appearance, too. With misinformation widespread, here are several Thanksgiving graphics and updated talking points to use this week in your continued outreach to friends, family, and your broader networks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Community Catalyst Outreach Education and Enrollment Team

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