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Voices for Health Justice: 2022 Evaluation Report

This report delivers learnings and early outcomes from the first eighteen months of the Voices program and is intended to inform the future direction of Voices programming and include recommendations to build on the successes of the program thus far.

Toward Patient-Centered Oral Health: Improving Dental Care and Patient Experience Using “Minimally-Invasive” Care

MIC gives people the ability to talk about and decide what type of care is best for them.

Curbing Medical Debt to Ensure Health and Economic Justice For LGBTQ+ People

While we know medical debt is the most common type of debt reported on consumer credit records, very little research has been conducted to understand how medical debt impacts LGBTQ+ people specifically.

Illinois Case Study: A State Campaign to Expand Health Coverage to Noncitizen Older Adults

This case study highlights the work of the Healthy Illinois Campaign, which has so far achieved succes in passing and implementing two new programs using state funds to provide Medicaid-like health coverage to low-income undocumented immigrants and LPRs.

Washington Case Study: A State Campaign to Expand Essential Reproductive Health Services to Undocumented Immigrants

This case study highlights an initiative from Washington State using state-only funds to provide essential reproductive health services to uninsured and certain insured residents in the state, regardless of their immigration status.

Voices for Health Justice Initial Report: Program Activities and Early Learnings December 2020 –July 2021

This initial report delivers early learnings from the Voices program related to the program structure; grantee and sub-grantee characteristics, experiences and feedback; and early project activities, outcomes, and achievements.

The Advocate’s Resource: Community Power Leading the Charge to Improve Community Economic Stability

The goal of this Advocate’s Resource is to equip advocates with important background information, lessons and strategies from successful campaigns to pass state-level policies that help mitigate the harm caused by medical debt.

Medicaid Adult Dental Benefits: Improving Access for Tribal Populations

This brief expands on the intersection of Medicaid and tribal health and explores the current oral health status and barriers to care among tribal communities.

The American Rescue Plan Act: Organizing Opportunities

This toolkit illustrates how advocates can leverage American Rescue Plan Act funds to spur transformative change and address the unique needs of communities.

Congress Can Remove Barriers Immigrants Face in Accessing Health Care

Immigrants must wait 5 years before they can enroll in federally funded programs, such as Medicaid and CHIP. Here's how Congress can remove this barrier for lawfully present immigrants.

Voices for Health Justice: Theory of Change

Voices for Health Justice Evaluation Plan

Principios para Mejorar la Estabilidad Económica Comunitaria Mediante Políticas Hospitalarias

Conoce los 5 principios que los hospitales deberían seguir para promover la estabilidad económica en las comunidades a las que sirven.

Peers Speak Out: Priority Outcomes for Substance Use Treatment and Services

In this first national examination of treatment and recovery services outcomes prioritized by people with substance use disorders, nearly 900 people from across the country shared what matters most to them.

Why – And How – I Chose to Get Vaccinated

The Rhode Island Organizing Project spoke to Rhode Islanders about why they chose to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and how they were able to access the vaccine in their communities.