The American Rescue Plan: A Prescription for Child Health and Stability During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The American Rescue Plan includes key provisions that will reduce child poverty in America and promote health through evidence-based solutions that respond to the current crisis and move our country forward to economic, racial, and social justice.

Protect Consumers from Medical Debt

Especially during a pandemic, when people’s care-seeking behavior affects not just themselves, but also their loved ones, co-workers and community, we must remove all barriers to accessing health care.

Press Release Distribution Guide

Media relations is critical to getting noticed by reporters and getting your news in front of the right audience. This toolkit can serve as a guide when developing a media outreach strategy.

Digital Channels Overview: Strategies, Tactics and Advertising Costs

A two-page guide for advocates covering high-level strategies and tactics for popular social and digital media channels, including advertising capabilities.

Policy Priorities: Unfinished Business

Second in a three-part policy series focused on actions the Biden-Harris administration must take to promote health equity.

Community Benefit and Economic Development

This fact sheet compares how “community benefit” is typically used in the economic development and healthcare contexts.

Hospital Financial Assistance Policies: A Quick Reference Guide

HFMA Resource: Best Practices for Resolution of Medical Accounts

Why Does Oral Health Matter?

Dental disease hurts more than our teeth. It’s tied to our overall health. Tooth decay can risk our physical, mental and economic wellbeing. It also strains state budgets.

Peers Speak Out: Improving Substance Use Treatment Outcomes During COVID-19

With funding from PCORI, Community Catalyst is partnering with Faces & Voices of Recovery and the American Society of Addiction Medicine to increase the voices of people with substance use challenges and people in recovery.

Advocating for Measures That Matter: Improving Quality Measures for Substance Use Disorders

This set of tools aims to strengthen consumer advocacy for better quality services through stronger, person-centered quality measurement of substance use disorders services.

Policy Priorities: Undoing the Harm

First in a three-part policy series focused on actions the Biden-Harris administration must take to promote health equity.

Federal Action Required Related to Housing Security & Continuous Medicaid Coverage

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, our nation was facing an affordable housing crisis that left people of color at greater risk of being evicted.

Sustaining Your Fundraising During the Time of COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create new challenges challenges for consumer health advocacy organizations and the communities they support, we hope this toolkit can serve as practical guide to support some financial challenges.

Bigger and Bigger: The Growth of Catholic Health Systems

Catholic health systems are growing and exerting greater influence as they control more hospitals and physician practices. This report examines the growing trends in their growth.