Voices for Health Justice Advocates at the Forefront of the Health Justice Movement

We are thrilled to share with you a video that celebrates the accomplishments of the Voices for Health Justice partners over the last year and a half.

Youth Are the Key to a Better Adolescent Behavioral Health System

Youth with lived experiences of mental illness and substance use challenges, including addiction, understand first-hand the limitations, inequities, and failures of the current system.

Congress Should Follow States’ Lead in Providing Dental Coverage to Medicaid Enrollees

Opening the door to dental care for more people can usher in better health and family economic security – gains worth celebrating! But state policy can only go so far. Congress must also take action.

Community Catalyst Urges Federal Anti-Trust Regulators to Use Health Equity Assessment

Decades of hospital and health system consolidation across the United States have created large regional and national health systems with the market power to raise prices. This consolidation trend has also included the downsizing or closing of hundreds of community...

Medical Debt Implications in Native American Communities

The true impact of medical debt in Native American communities is still unclear. The quality of data collected may be limited due to the lack of administrative capacity.

Community Health Workers Bridge the Gap for Providers and Communities

In Kentucky, there is one primary care provider for every 1,000 people overall. Community partners’ recent push to pass HB525 now puts Kentucky in a position to address this disparity through Medicaid reimbursement of Community Health Workers services.

A CFPB Report Sounds the Alarm on the Volume and Inequities of Medical Debt

The agency reported an astonishing $88 Billion of medical debt on consumer credit records as of June 2021. This debt disproportionately affects people with low incomes, Black and Hispanic people, veterans, and younger and older adults.

Saving Lives from Addiction = Keeping the Focus on Health and Harm Reduction!

For the first time in history, the U.S. National Drug Control Strategy includes support for harm reduction – drug overdose prevention and health interventions that save lives. This is a major step forward in preventing fatal drug overdoses.

An Opportunity to Weigh In On New Public Charge Proposed Rule

This new proposed rule, welcomed by advocates, aims to offer clearer guidance and mitigate some of the confusion caused from the 2019 proposed rule by largely codifying and improving the 1999 public charge policy.
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