Imagine a health system that truly cares about every person and every community — a system that supports everyone’s ability to be healthy and thrive. We know that system is possible, but only if we design it together. That’s why we are working with partners and community leaders across the country to develop and drive bold policy and practice change ideas — from public health to coverage to payment reform — that will fundamentally change our health system.

To reimagine our health system, we must address all the ways it can be more connected and responsive. That includes forging a new path for public health and spurring the adoption of community-led and people-centered health innovation models to change how care is paid for and delivered.

No matter what, the health system can only be reimagined if the people harmed the most today are at the center of designing the solutions for tomorrow.

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In a kitchen, a mother wraps her arms around two teenage children on either side of her. One teenager has a platinum blonde bob, and wears rainbow-colored glasses and a bright pink t-shirt that says "After this, we're eating tacos.” The mother has sandy blonde hair, styled with bangs and waves, wears a black top, and looks directly at the viewer with light-colored eyes. The teen on the right sits on top of the kitchen counter, has short dark blonde hair, and wears a t-shirt with a Batman logo. A wooden piece of art on the wall is visible and reads: "This is where love gathers.”