Our Work With Partners

From the start, Community Catalyst has understood the critical role and value of partnership. In everything we do, we seek out partner organizations who we learn from and collaborate with. Today, Community Catalyst partners with more than 300 local and state organizations across 45+ states. We also work closely with other national organizations to advance shared goals. We strongly believe that it is only by working and building power together that we can make deep and lasting health system change that responds to all communities.

Our System of Advocacy

Community Catalyst partners with local and state organizations to ground policy and practice change goals in community perspective and leadership, build campaigns to advance those goals, and grow organizational reach and impact as a part of our shared power building work. One of the ways we do this is by leveraging our System of Advocacy — an approach we built alongside partner organizations. The System of Advocacy approach is collaborative, dynamic, and anchored in an emphasis on listening, sharing information and resources, and facilitating learning.

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Six health advocates gather around a table to collaborate. They are all looking at a shared laptop screen while one person points to the screen itself, as if sharing thoughts with the group.

What Our Work Looks Like

We’re building a powerful, united movement with a shared vision of and strategy for a health system rooted in race equity and health justice.

Here’s how:

Building Power With Communities

We are up against a complex system of corporate interests that puts profits over people. To shift the balance and ensure meaningful investment in the health of communities, we need an even stronger, more united movement working in more collaborative ways across local, state, and national levels.

Anchoring Equity in Health

With equity as our north star, we are working to reduce medical costs for people, expand health coverage, improve benefits, ensure everyone has access to a trusted provider, and is seen, valued and respected by the system overall — no matter who they are, how much money they make, or where they live.

Reimagining the Health System

We are working with partners and community leaders across the country to develop and drive bold policy and practice change ideas — from public health to coverage to payment reform — that will fundamentally change the health system. In all we do, we embrace that the health system can only be reimagined if the people who are harmed the most today are at the center of designing the solutions for tomorrow.