We need a health system that:

Suzy sits on the sofa with her mother, Angelina, in an embrace. Angelina wears a yellow cardigan over a patterned long dress. Suzy wears a salmon pink sleeveless blouse. The room in warmly lit. The family overcame medical debt thanks to charity care.

Puts people over profit

We deserve a health system that puts people’s health above all else — whether it’s about making sure everyone has access to affordable preventive care or keeping hospitals staffed with enough nurses. But too often, profit drives decisions, and that comes at the expense of people, families, and communities. It’s time to shift that imbalance and make people’s health, not profit, the north star of our health system.
Photo of an adult with dark brown hair standing in front of a two-story apartment building. The adult has their hair tied into a bun and is wearing jeans and a dark purple short-sleeve blouse.

Addresses structural racism and other inequities

We deserve a health system that ensures everyone gets the care they need and is treated with dignity and respect — and that no one is discriminated against because of their race, gender identity, age, disability, immigration status, or income. But, the US health system is entrenched in inequity, with systemically excluded communities dealing with significantly worse health outcomes and experience in care. That’s why we’re developing bold policy changes and strategies rooted in the leadership and perspective of the people most harmed by the health system today.
Photo of a partner wearing a pink tank top sitting around a table accompanied by another person wearing a grey t-shirt and jeans looking listening to the partner speaking.

Is responsive and accountable to people

We deserve a health system that works for all people and embraces the central role that community leaders and organizations must play in shaping decisions about the coverage and care people get. A more responsive and accountable health system will mean better coverage, better care, and better health. To get there, we are working with partners across the country to build community engagement and organizing initiatives designed to make the health industry and policymakers more attuned to what people want and need — and more accountable for making it happen.
We believe that a health system rooted in race equity and health justice is essential to a world where we are all more free and healthy