There is a critical need for leadership programs designed for leaders from systemically excluded communities—programs that hold intentional spaces for radical self-care, healing, and safety—within frameworks that promote community and vulnerability.

Community Catalyst’s Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship focuses on just that, building the power and capacity of emerging advocacy leaders and their organizations to reshape the US health system to better reflect and respond to their community’s needs. To that end, the Fellowship explicitly addresses the historically discriminatory roots of our health system.

Building the power of health justice leaders to reshape the US health system

The Fellowship concentrates on advancing leadership development and teamwork, organizational transformation, powerful partnerships that may not have otherwise occurred, and professional and personal growth within a race equity and health justice lens.

To date, the Fellowship has:

  • Established new partnerships and a shared network among fellows
  • Expanded board, leadership, and partnerships for fellow organizations
  • Launched an immigrant health academy
  • Built a culture of accountability, radical candor, and reflection
  • Developed overall capacity for fellowships organizations, including relationships with the media

A safe space for advocates to share vulnerabilities while learning from, and leaning on, one another

This includes open communication about topics like the role of stress in race equity and health justice work, and how unmanaged stress can lead to disengagement and burnout. We also emphasize ways to integrate healing justice, liberation, and healing circles into our Fellows’ important work and causes. The Fellowship offers socially relevant content and guest speakers who share experiences that are rooted in reflection as well as tangible, applicable takeaways—especially regarding race equity.

This program honors the legacy and vision of Rob Restuccia, Community Catalyst’s longtime and founding executive director.