Danielle lives in Athens, Ohio. She has been enrolled in Medicaid for almost 20 years. She works part time in the service industry at a job that does not provide health care coverage.

When Danielle was 22 and working at a doctor’s office she needed back surgery, but could not afford health coverage. If she was not able to enroll in Medicaid, she would not have been able to have the surgery, return to work, or quality of life she has today.

“My monthly medications cost about $500 a month. If I did not have Medicaid, I could not afford my medications.”

Without Medicaid, Danielle would have to choose between having food or having medication. Danielle knows people who have to make those hard choices a lot. Medicaid saves lives and keeps people like Danielle contributing to their community.

Thank you to our partners at UHCAN Ohio.