Statement of Robert Restuccia, Executive Director of Community Catalyst, on today’s historic Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges ensuring marriage equality across the country.

Community Catalyst has long stood with those who affirm the right of all people to marry the person they love. We are  />thrilled to be celebrating today’s historic Supreme Court decision granting marriage equality to all 50 states. Marriage is a key part of ensuring that all people have access to the same benefits, including health care. We know that LGBT people – and especially LGBT people of color – face great disparities in accessing comprehensive health care, and marriage equality is one step we can now take to help remove some of these barriers.  Married same sex couples in all 50 states can now apply for health coverage together, and have the same eligibility opportunities as any other married Americans to receive tax credits and Medicaid.</p>
<p>What a momentous week for both the Affordable Care Act AND Marriage Equality!</p>
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