A statement by Robert Restuccia, Executive Director of Community Catalyst, on the Reform Immigration for America March in Washington DC, March 21:

Community Catalyst joins the marchers in Sunday’s Reform Immigration for America March in asking our leaders to improve immigration policies in this country, bringing long overdue health equity, workers’ rights and fair economic opportunities to millions of families.

Millions of immigrants who work, pay taxes and contribute to our society should have a path to legalization, enabling them to eventually gain access to health coverage and services. This is especially important since the national health reform bills pending in Congress will not provide full access to coverage for immigrants. Lawmakers must find ways to keep families together, integrate immigrants into our communities, and provide access to the opportunities and benefits that everyone working in America deserves.

Community Catalyst has long fought to ensure working families, low and middle-income people are heard on Capitol Hill, state houses and courtrooms.  Their voices are often lost or drowned out in the din of policymaking but are vital to making sure the health care system works for all people. It is in that spirit that we lend our voice now to the cause of comprehensive immigration reform, and stand alongside those who seek it.