BOSTON, MA – Statement of Robert Restuccia, executive director of Community Catalyst, in response to the Congressional Budget Office analysis of congressional Republicans’ American Health Care Act.

“As expected, the Congressional Budget Office today became another voice in a growing chorus of experts across the political and ideological spectrum who say the House Republican health care repeal bill would be a disaster for Americans. According to CBO analysis, 14 million people would lose their health care coverage in 2018, increasing to 24 million in 2026, to finance tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

“In addition to forcing millions of Americans to pay more for less coverage, due to reduced tax credits and higher out-of-pocket costs, one of the most outrageous aspects of the GOP bill is its deep cuts to Medicaid that would cause millions of the most vulnerable to lose coverage. This includes children, people with disabilities, older Americans and those in need of treatment for substance use disorders. Cuts to Planned Parenthood would result in an increase in unplanned pregnancies and hit women and LGBTQ individuals particularly hard.

“Governors and hospitals have emerged as some of the loudest opponents to the bill as the CBO projects that states would see an $880 billion decline in federal funding, which could force them to cut essential services. Hospitals, faced with an increase in uncompensated care, could be forced to lay off staff, cut services and — especially in rural areas – close altogether.

“President Trump and congressional Republicans promised that their ACA repeal plan would provide better care, cover more people and cost less. This plan does exactly the opposite. It punishes working families and people who desperately need health care but can’t afford it in order to reward those who need help the least.

“Rather than rush to pass legislation that would wipe out health care for 24 million people, congressional Republicans should go back to the drawing board and come up with a solution that builds on the progress we’ve made in expanding coverage and providing people with health and economic security they need.”

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