(BOSTON, MA) – “Medicaid is a vital program that ensures millions of American seniors, people with disabilities and children get the health care they need, and it needs to be protected, not gutted. We are very grateful to Senator Jay Rockefeller and the 36 Senators who joined him in echoing that message in a letter sent today to President Obama, and to Senators Feinstein, Udall, Bennet and Klobuchar who sent their own letters to the president expressing their support for Medicaid.

“Current proposals to block grant Medicaid, cap federal expenditures or allow states to cut Medicaid eligibility would cause serious harm to millions of seniors and their families who rely on Medicaid for long-term care, people with disabilities who benefit from Medicaid services that allow them to live independently, and children who depend on Medicaid to see a doctor when they get sick or injured.

“Deficit reduction is important, but it must be done in humane way that doesn’t jeopardize the health and economic security of Americans. We thank each and every Senator who has stood up for Medicaid, and urge them and all Members of Congress to work hard to defeat proposals that undermine the federal government’s commitment to Medicaid and the millions of vulnerable Americans whose lives depend on it.”


About Community Catalyst
Community Catalyst is a national non-profit consumer advocacy organization dedicated to quality affordable health care for all.  Since 1997, Community Catalyst has been working to build the consumer and community leadership required to transform the American health system. With the belief that this transformation will happen when consumers are fully engaged and have an organized voice, Community Catalyst works in partnership with national, state and local consumer organizations, policymakers, and foundations, providing leadership and support to change the health care system so it serves everyone – especially vulnerable members of society.  For more information, visit www.communitycatalyst.org.