January 7, 2021 

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The president fueled yesterday’s attack on our country and must be held accountable.

(BOSTON, MA) — Yesterday, there was an attack on our country, incited by a president who refuses to accept that millions of voters chose to stand together and fight for each other in electing new leaders who support racial justice, good health for all, and an equitable society.  

It was an attempt to wield power and violence in order to stop the will of the people in electing our new president and vice president, who are ready to move our nation forward. It was a disgusting display of white supremacy and insurgent terror – fueled by President Trump and other elected officials. Community Catalyst stands with our allies in calling for accountability, including the removal of President Trump from office. 

Statement of Emily Stewart, executive director of Community Catalyst, in response to yesterday’s violent attack on our country:

“Every day, Community Catalyst works to ensure all people and communities have power over the decisions that affect our health, including and especially decisions made by policymakers. A strong democracy is essential to our mission, as are elected officials committed to fulfilling their duty to uphold and protect our rights and our democratic institutions. Yesterday, those institutions were attacked by an angry mob of armed white vigilantes inside of our Capitol, threatening our government, at the encouragement of the president. For that reason, we join with our allies in calling for his immediate removal.   

As we reflect on what this moment means for our nation, we reaffirm our commitment to advancing health equity and racial justice in this country. And we are more convinced than ever that we need new leadership that is genuinely invested in improving the lives and well-being of all people. Toward that end, we are motivated by the opportunity for transformative change that Georgia organizers and voters, led by Black organizers, gave our country with the election of Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to the U.S Senate. We are committed to doing our part to fight for the more just, equitable health system we now have the opportunity to build.   


About Community Catalyst:
Community Catalyst is a national, non-profit consumer advocacy organization founded in 1998 with the belief that affordable quality health care should be accessible to everyone. We work in partnership with national, state and local organizations, policymakers, and philanthropic foundations to ensure consumer interests are represented wherever important decisions about health and the health system are made: in communities, courtrooms, statehouses and on Capitol Hill.For more information, Follow us on Twitter @CommCatHealth.