(BOSTON) – “Today, Congress took a giant step toward providing health security for millions of Americans. The Affordable Health Care for America Act ensures Americans access to quality, stable, affordable health care while promoting competition, slowing the growth in health care costs and improving the quality of care.

“Every day thousands of lives and livelihoods are placed in jeopardy because people can’t access the health care they need. Many are uninsured because their employers don’t provide insurance and they can’t afford to buy it on their own. Others have insurance, but can’t keep up with expensive premiums and co-payments. Lack of health security forces them to make horrible choices when they get sick: forgo care and risk getting sicker, or cut back on basic necessities such as heat, food or childcare to pay for care that may still burden them with medical debt. Those are choices no one should have to make.

“Today, the House of Representatives agreed by embracing a new health care system that will work for people, not against them.

“Community Catalyst and the many state consumer advocacy groups we work with are particularly grateful that the House supported strong affordability protections for those who need them most: low- and moderate-income families. The inclusion of a public insurance option and vigorous oversight of the insurance industry will promote much-needed competition and lower the cost of care. Creating a system of shared responsibility among employers, individuals and government will equitably distribute the cost of coverage.

“We thank our U.S. House members who today stood up to the special interests working hard to thwart the passage of comprehensive health reform. With this historic and unprecedented vote, you have stood up for the interests of the American people.”


About Community Catalyst
Community Catalyst is a national non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to quality affordable health care for all.  Since 1997, Community Catalyst has been working to build the consumer and community leadership required to transform the American health system.  With the belief that this transformation will happen when consumers are fully engaged and have an organized voice, Community Catalyst works in partnership with national, state and local consumer organizations, policymakers, and foundations, providing leadership and support to change the health care system so it serves everyone—especially vulnerable members of society.  For more information, visit www.communitycatalyst.org.