BOSTON – Massachusetts patients, doctors, representatives of small business and labor, supporters of Senator Scott Brown, students and consumer advocates come together and talk about why Americans need national health reform in a new video being released today.

Their emotional and personal stories convey why Massachusetts residents, who pioneered state health care reform, believe so fervently in national health care reform. They have seen how well it works in their own state, and how national reform would further strengthen efforts at the state level while benefiting all Americans. They have seen how Massachusetts health care reform has opened access to affordable care for hundreds of thousands of residents. They see how national health reform will help small businesses cover the health care costs of their employees and control the costs of health care nationwide.

In this video a diverse group of individuals, with a myriad of interests and goals, have  come together and coalesced around the one goal of urging Congress to pass national health reform. They believe, as most Americans do, that we’ve come too far to turn back now, and that all Americans deserve access to a health care system as good as theirs. According to the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, 63% percent of Americans want Congress to pass national health reform. 

The many people interviewed in this video provide testimony to the success of Massachusetts health reform and the importance of national reform for the entire country: Dr. Gary Gottlieb, President and CEO of Partners HealthCare system; Amy Whitcomb Slemmer, Executive Director of Health Care For All; Maria Velazquez, health care consumer; Jonah Pesner, Leader of Greater Boston Interfaith Organization; Lisa Renee Holderby, community health worker; Travis Howlette, student; Dr, Jack Evjy, Past President of Massachusetts Medical Society; Celia Wcislo, 1199SEIU Vice President; Dr. Rebecca Burch, Boston Medical Center; Dr. Bob Master, President and CEO of Commonwealth Care Alliance; Kristen McCosh, consumer and advocate for the Boston Center for Independent Living; and Maria Schiff, Director Commonwealth Care, Network Health.

With the country on the cusp of historical change, Congress needs to pass national health reform now.  It doesn’t have to be business as usual in Washington. 

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