The plight of small business owners surviving the economic downturn while maintaining quality health care for their employees was spotlight recently by President Obama in his speech last week to the American Medical Association.  The president talked about Chris and Becky Link, business owners from Nashville.  The Links are one of many businesses working with Community Catalyst’s partners Tennessee Health Care Campaign and Small Business Majority.

From President Obama’s speech:

…Small business owners like Chris and Becky Link in Nashville are also struggling. They’ve always wanted to do right by the workers at their family-run marketing firm, but they’ve recently had to do the unthinkable and lay off a number of employees — layoffs that could have been deferred, they say, if health care costs weren’t so high. Across the country, over one-third of small businesses have reduced benefits in recent years and one-third have dropped their workers’ coverage altogether since the early ’90s…

Maryland business owners, who work with Community Catalyst partner Maryland Health Care For All, are being given an opportunity to sound off to the president and the national media.

Business owner Mark Derbyshire will participate in a televised town hall meeting with President Obama on prescription drugs.  “Questions for the President: Prescription for America” will air on Wednesday, June 24th from 10:00-11:00 PM ET on the ABC Television Network.

Business owner Brian England was interviewed on NPR for three different stories and on – links below.

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