“The failure of the Super Committee needs to be put in perspective. The Super Committee was largely a distraction from more pressing problems. It is time for our political leaders to address the primary concern of Americans: job creation that puts people back to work so they can support themselves and their families, afford high-quality health care, and invest in their children’s futures. While we are concerned about some of the automatic spending cuts triggered by the lack of an agreement, we are relieved that several misguided proposals that would cause great hardship to middle class families, seniors, children and the most vulnerable members of our society failed to advance as part of this process.

“Though the Super Committee’s work is over, we anticipate a continued push for drastic and unnecessary cuts to programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security that provide economic and health security to millions of Americans. Congress and the President should reject such proposals. The American people have made it clear that they want these programs protected, not gutted.

“In the days ahead, there is still an opportunity for Congress and the Administration to reduce the deficit in ways that would make the health care system stronger by improving efficiencies, reducing waste and enhancing the quality of care for millions of Americans. For example, we could institute reforms in how we pay for prescription drugs, including reducing excess prices Medicare pays to the drug industry and ending “pay for delay” agreements that prevent cheaper generic drugs from entering the market in a timely manner. We could take additional steps to reduce preventable hospital admissions and ensure individuals get high quality care in the most appropriate clinical settings. These are the kinds of changes our system needs, not benefit cuts.”


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