Thursday, Feb. 18 (5-6 p.m. Eastern) – Webinar: The California Coordinated Care Initiative: An Update Two Years into Implementation

California began implementation of the Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI), including the federally-approved dual eligible demonstration known as Cal MediConnect, in April 2014. The CCI is now underway in seven counties. This webinar, hosted by Justice in Aging, will review the current status of the CCI and the changes that have occurred over the course of implementation. It will include: The CCI and the 2016/17 budget; enrollment; policy changes; and early evaluation results.

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Tuesday, Feb. 23 (12-1 p.m. Eastern) – Webinar: Going Beyond REaL Data Collection: Collecting Social Determinants of Health

Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence is hosting a webinar with The Disparities Solution Center at Massachusetts General Hospital that will highlight strategies and approaches implemented by hospitals and health care systems to collect the social determinants of health. This information will be critical for population health efforts of health plans, hospitals and health centers nationwide.

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Thursday, Feb. 25 (1-2 p.m. Eastern) – Webinar: Value Based End-of-Life Care: Having the Conversation Nobody Wants to Have Benefits Everybody

Let’s face facts. Talking about dying is difficult. To shift from talking about curative care to palliative care can make people so uncomfortable that they avoid the conversation. Patients and families are sometimes reluctant to accept diagnoses and prognoses or have fears about what care may not be provided as part of an end-of-life care plan; and providers are reluctant to deliver bad news and may focus on pursuing curative options rather than shifting the discussion to a patient-centered plan for dying.

HMA experts Sukey Barnum, Laurie Lockert and Suzanne Mitchell, MD, will build the case for value-based end-of-life care and planning and will provide a roadmap for health plans and providers looking to launch end-of-life care policies and educational programs.

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