MMCO Issues 2015 Report to Congress

The Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office (MMCO) has issued its fiscal year 2015 report to Congress on its efforts to better coordinate care for dually eligible individuals. The report includes four legislative recommendations:

  • Ensure Retroactive Part D Coverage of Newly-Eligible Low-Income Beneficiaries
  • Establish an Integrated Appeals Process for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees
  • Allow for Federal/State Coordinated Review of Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan Marketing Materials
  • Improve Alignment of Medicare Savings Program and Part D Low-Income Subsidy Income and Asset Definitions.

Improving Person-Centered Care

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has issued a report on how to improve person-centered care. The report is intended for those who provide care management services and includes tips for coordinating goal-based care illustrated with examples from organizations experienced in providing person-centered care to individuals with complex needs.

Web Forum Recording: Sustainable Financing For Community Health Workers:

More states are recognizing the value of Community Health Workers (CHWs) who can help improve health outcomes through care coordination, preventive care and community-based engagement activities. Dialogue4Health recently hosted a web forum on sustainable financing for CHWs that explored opportunities for funding CHW integration through Medicaid. The web forum recording and information are available here.