New rule would let employers deny coverage because of moral objections

(BOSTON, MA)Statement of Robert Restuccia, executive director of Community Catalyst, on the Trump administration’s issuance today of a new rule that would allow any employer (nonprofit, small business, large corporation, private or publicly-held), school, or other entity to opt out of providing contraceptive coverage for religious or moral reasons.

“The Trump administration took direct aim at American women today by issuing a proposed rule that would allow employers to deny contraceptive coverage to their employees if the employer has moral objections to birth control. A separate proposed rule issued at the same time would broaden the existing exemptions to contraceptive coverage for employers with religious exemptions. Weakening the guarantee of no-cost contraception goes against the overwhelming majorities who support access to no-copay birth control for women.

“This is the latest in a series of attacks designed to strip away health care protections for women. The administration previously threatened to slash maternity care, cut off funds to Planned Parenthood and eliminate funding for programs designed to combat global maternal mortality.

“This proposed rule shows a fundamental disregard for women’s health and marks a troubling step toward dismantling care for women.

“Nearly nine in ten women use contraception at some point in their lifetimes. Contraception should be available to women and families the same as any other preventive care. This harmful move by the Trump administration hands over broad powers to religious institutions, employers and school administrators who will now have control of whether women can access birth control.

“We stand by the women of this country who reject this anti-science, anti-woman political attack. Birth control is not controversial. It’s essential to women’s health, and choices about use of contraception should be up to women to decide for themselves and their families.”


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