(BOSTON AND WASHINGTON, DC) – “This week’s Supreme Court hearings on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have generated a fever pitch of attention inside the Beltway and from national news outlets. But while media pundits, politicians and legal experts compete for airtime to speculate about the outcome, a more important story is taking shape in communities across the country where the law is already vastly improving lives.

“Today, millions of American families are benefitting from the Affordable Care Act, and many more stand to gain if the law is upheld.  In 2011, more than 86 million Americans received free preventive care such as mammograms and colonoscopies. More than three and a half million Medicare beneficiaries have saved more than $2.1 billion on prescription drugs. Small businesses are better able to provide coverage to their employees, and parents of children with pre-existing conditions no longer have to worry their children will be denied coverage. More young adults (2.5 million) are able to stay healthy by remaining on their parents’ health insurance plans. In the coming years, millions more Americans will gain the physical and financial security of having health coverage.

“Americans do not want to turn the clock back on health care. It is for this reason that states throughout the country, including some that are challenging the ACA, remain hard at work shaping implementation of the new law.  In every state, communities are coming together to make sure that the voices of people – not just the special interests – are heard in these efforts. We understand that we have to do something to right the wrongs of our health care system, and that the ACA presents a unique opportunity to extend coverage to millions of people who lack it, contain health care costs, and fix our broken health care system. It is important that all stakeholders stay engaged so the law is implemented in a way that best meets the needs of our communities.

“We remain confident that the Supreme Court will see this challenge for what it is – a politically motivated distraction – and uphold the law. The lives of millions of Americans and future generations hang in the balance.”


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