Dana Clarke, MBA, is the Co-Interim President & CEO, alongside Dr. Brandon Wilson. She also serves as the Chief Operating Officer and is a member of the senior management team at Community Catalyst.

Dana A. Clarke, MBA, brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role as Co-Interim President & CEO and as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Community Catalyst. With a deep commitment to advancing health equity and social justice, Dana is dedicated to driving positive change and building a more equitable world for all. 

In her role as COO, Dana oversees a range of critical functions, including HR, Talent, Equity & Engagement (TEE), Operations & Management, Contract Management, Business Development, and Development. With a focus on fostering inclusivity and streamlining operations, Dana plays a pivotal role in championing organizational culture and ensuring the successful execution of strategic initiatives. 

Dana’s leadership is guided by integrity, empathy, and a relentless drive to make a difference in the communities we serve. She is known for her collaborative approach and ability to build strong partnerships, both within the organization and with external stakeholders. 

With her expertise in team building and development, Dana strives to inspire and empower her colleagues to excel in their roles and contribute to Community Catalyst’s mission of creating a more just and equitable society. Her dedication to this cause is palpable in everything she does. Dana is not only a seasoned professional but also a willing storyteller, ready to share her life experiences to foster deeper connections and understanding. She takes pride in her role on the senior leadership team at Community Catalyst, where she continues to make meaningful contributions toward a brighter, more inclusive future.