Erin Miller is the Deputy Director of Policy at Community Catalyst. In this role, Erin helps to coordinate policy staff across the organization, provide thought leadership across programs and initiatives, and ensure strong connections between state and federal policy work.

Prior to joining Community Catalyst, Erin was the vice president of health initiatives at the Colorado Children’s Campaign. In that role, she led successful legislative initiatives to expand public and private health insurance coverage to undocumented Coloradans, increase state investment in family planning services, establish the state’s Maternal Mortality Review Committee, and improve access to school lunches.

Erin has substantial expertise evaluating federal, state and local policies related to Medicaid, CHIP, the Affordable Care Act, and public health programs, as well as managing diverse coalitions to implement comprehensive policy advocacy strategies. Her professional experiences include working as a WIC educator, a special assistant at HHS, a health policy adviser for the U.S. House Budget Committee, and managing stakeholder relationships for Colorado Medicaid.

Erin’s commentary has appeared in multiple publications including Health Affairs and The Denver Post. She graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and received a Master of Public Health Policy from Columbia University. Erin serves on the board of directors of Family Star Montessori Child Care Center.