Nicholas Miller is the Program Coordinator, Partner Engagement at Community Catalyst. In this role, Nic provides administrative and programmatic support across a variety of programs and projects.

Nic has extensive experience in community, volunteer and partner engagement, program development and growth, establishing partnerships and increasing organizational awareness. Prior to joining Community Catalyst, Nic worked for a variety of community-based non-profit organizations working to ensure low-income communities and underserved families have the resources needed to succeed.

The majority of Nic’s previous work focused on assisting individuals, families, and communities with improving access to food, equipping elementary students with school supplies, and initiating conversations centered around the root causes of the disproportionate disparities experienced by systemically-excluded communities and that begin promoting racial unity by closing the disparity gap between low-income communities and underserved families. Throughout his career, Nic’s work has been deeply rooted in advocacy, educational opportunity and equality, racial justice and equal opportunity for all.

Nic received a bachelor’s degree from Valparaiso University and enjoys cooking, sports, supporting low-income communities and spending time with his two dogs Gryffin and Dobby.