I don’t watch the show 24, but here at the Hub, I’m getting the idea. Health care reform in real time. The clock running down on the House vote. And for this blogger, not a whole lot of commercial breaks.

Here is a summary of the bill, with a little discussion on each section about what changed, what hasn’t, and what it means.

As you know, it has been a long road and a few hairpin turns to get here. The next 48 hours can change the course of health care in this country for millions of families.

Despite the political heat, passing this bill won’t be remembered as a political win. If we pass it, it will be a win for people. It’s a step toward taking better care of each other. It is about changing a system that works for companies, not human beings.

You know your networks. You know the numbers. And you know that pro-reform voices are vital to passing this historic legislation.

Let’s get this done. See you Sunday.

–Kate Petersen, Health Policy Hub