Our friends over at PostScript, the blog of the Prescription Project, got in to the holiday spirit last week with a Christmas Carol about the joys of drug sales people pitching their drugs to Doctors, with the aid of data and information sold to them by the American Medical Association (AMA). Here it is. Enjoy!

Here in PostScript country, we’re up to the shins in snow and to the gills with yuletide spirit, so we thought we’d turn all that merriment toward something else that’s on our minds…

[cues orchestra]

A Data-Mining Carol

[to the tune of Jingle Bells]

Dashing through the wards, with a briefcase in his hand, The rep signs in and waits, then shakes the doctor’s hand But this is no plain pitch, He knows just what to say, Because he knows just how much Doc wrote Of Seroquel last May

Oh –

Data sells, the reps can tell How well their free lunch pays But docs don’t know how much is shown On a rep’s handheld display, hey

Prescriptions filled, providers billed, The rep calls it a day, Oh how tough his job would be Without the AMA!